Promote Your Business With a FREE 5-Star Review Video Like This One

For a limited time, Patten ATV Club Supporting Business Members will get a FREE Review Video Added to Their Business Listing. That's a $799 Value!​


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Years Of Proven Research

We've researched the top factors of consumers buying decisions and identified the top concepts for you to use to convert new customers. With years of research and video work, our reputation videos are PROVEN to boost your reputation visibility and conversion.

Access To Patten ATV Club's Marketing Partner

You'll have direct access to Stephanie Miller. Strategize on ways to use 5-Star Review Videos and learn how to get more 5-Star reviews!

Boost Your Reputation Visibility and Increase Conversions

93% research business reviews before committing to buy and nearly ⅔ of shoppers say online video has given them ideas and inspiration for their purchase.

Absolutely FREE 5-Star Review Video Design

One of your 5-Star reviews will be featured in a video that will be added to your Patten ATV Club Supporting Business Member Listing!


1 Provide Your Business Contact Info

We'll ask for your name, company name, contact phone number, email and business website address in order to research your reviews and to contact you when your video is live.

2 See Your Review Video on Your Business Listing

Your 5-Star review video will be shown to viewers who click the "Video Review" button on your Patten ATV Club Supporting Business Member listing. 

Videos are being produced for all active Business Members with reviews. If you would like to step to the front of the line, claim yours using the button on this page. It will be produced in the order it was claimed.

Examples of 5-Star Review Videos

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it FREE?

My passion is promoting local businesses. I wanted a way to give back to the club that trusted me to create their website and honored me with a lifetime Patten ATV Club membership. The 5-Star Review Videos are a new PRO-FOUND service I am offering, and as such, I am underwriting all the production costs.

Where do the reviews come from that are featured in the videos?

Your 5-Star Review is taken from current reviews found online from review sites such as Google, Facebook and others.

Can I share my 5-Star Review Video online?

The free version of your video will only be available to view from within your supporting business member listing while your membership is active.

For a one-time fee, your video can be optimized for search engines and the link made available for you to share on social media, added to your website, a blog post, in emails, etc.

Packages of 6-12 review videos are available for a reduced fee per video and include these added bonuses:

  • Optimized for search engines 
  • Syndicated automatically online to your business social networks:  YouTube, Dailymotion, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook page and LinkedIn.

Don't Take Our Word For It

See What Our Customers Are Saying

Laura Mae Brackett

Patten ATV Club

I read your email last night, Steph and watched the videos. You are incredible! Those are freaking awesome! How do you think this stuff up?

Larry Ayer

Woodland Treasure

Wow. I wasn't ready for that. I'm a celebrity. I like it!